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"Our vision is safe and trustworthy food for everyone"

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The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) was established under the Food Safety Authority of Ireland Act, 1998. This Act was enacted in July 1998 and came into effect on 1st January 1999.

The principal function of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland is to protect consumers and raise compliance through partnership, science and food law enforcement.

We are a statutory, independent and science-based body, dedicated to protecting public health and consumer interests in the area of food safety and hygiene. We come under the aegis of the Minister for Health and currently have a Board of ten. We also have a 15 member Scientific Committee that assists and advises the Board. Therefore, decisions relating to food safety and hygiene take account of the latest and best scientific advice and information available. 

Our Values

  • Integrity – We are honest, open and independent in all we do
  • Respect – We act with respect and personal responsibility
  • Passion – We are passionate about protecting consumers
  • Transparency – We conduct our work activities with openness and through open and clear channels of communications to promote greater awareness of what we do
  • Teamwork – We develop and inspire people to build a better organisation
  • Collaboration – We recognise and value our partners

Key Functions of the Authority

We have national responsibility for co-ordinating the enforcement of food safety legislation in Ireland. The FSAI is responsible for:

Enforcement and compliance


  • Lead and support Ireland’s food safety regulators to implement a fair, consistent and effective system of enforcement.
  • Manage risks in the food chain and respond effectively to any national or international food incident or crisis.
  • Ensure the safety, integrity and authenticity of the food chain by detecting, deterring and preventing breaches of food law and taking action to protect consumers.
  • Strive for a world-class official food control system for Ireland which delivers the best outcomes for consumers.

Science, expertise and evidence



  • Support risk-based decision-making and policy with high-quality, independent expertise.
  • Expand the evidence base through research, coordinated studies and scientific collaboration. 
  • Advance risk assessment practice to promote trust and engagement.
  • Grow our ability to identify emerging risks and threats to the food chain.
  • Influence the development of food standards and enforcement approaches at European and international levels.

Engagement and communication



  • Provide clear and evidence-based advice and information to promote food safety and build compliance with food law.
  • Work in partnership with the Government and other state agencies, academia and civil society organisations to champion food safety within Ireland
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders to foster and promote a culture of food safety and compliance within Ireland’s food industry.
  • Improve our capacity and capability by working with others to advocate for safe and trustworthy food for everyone.

Organisational excellence



  • Ensure a high-performing and empowering culture for our people, built on innovation, shared values and teamwork.
  • Provide a robust and targeted information framework to deliver internal efficiencies and meet stakeholder and customer needs.
  • Ensure that our governance structures support informed and accountable decision-making underpinned by responsive leadership, risk management processes and compliance.
  • Embed a culture of quality through ensuring that systems, processes and procedures meet the highest standards.
  • Enhance recognition of the FSAI’s identity, influence and reputation among staff, stakeholders and customers.


About FSAI 

Last reviewed: 7/2/2020

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