The Food Safety Authority of Ireland represents Ireland on food safety issues in Europe. The Authority has regular contact with the European Commission, the European Parliament and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

The FSAI consults on and assists in the development of well founded and effective European food law, taking into account the principles of better regulation.

European and national level activities are co-ordinated by EFSA by means of close co-operation through EFSA’s Advisory Forum, National Focal Point and Scientific Committees, Panels and Networks. This structure allows Member States and EFSA to work together to exchange scientific information and data, co-ordinate work programmes, pool resources and co-operate on joint projects. 

EFSA’s Grants  

EFSA regularly awards grants or subsidies for projects and activities that contribute to EFSA’s mission in the areas of data collection, preparatory work for scientific opinions, other scientific and technical assistance.

 2022 EFSA Scientific Cooperation plan: calls for tenders (procurement) and calls for proposals (grants) with the indicative title, budget and timing for launch are advertised on the EFSA website. Please note, this information is indicative and does not constitute an obligation on EFSA to launch any given procedure. 

Further information on EFSA Grants and EFSA Procurement

Open Call for Tenders

Development of a Roadmap for Action for the Project 'More Welfare: towards New Risk Assessment Methodologies and Harmonised Animal Welfare Data in the EU' 

Maximum budget: EUR 500.000; Deadline: 25/08/2022

The aim of this procurement is to obtain a roadmap for action in the area of animal welfare for the successful development and future implementation of a methodology for animal welfare quantitative risk assessment of food-producing animals and their production systems, and the identification of strategic data collection activities to gather evidence on the main elements influencing the welfare state of food-producing animals during production (on-farm welfare).

Development of a Roadmap for Action on Evidence-based Risk Communication in the EU Food Safety System 

Maximum budget: EUR 1.000.000,- (EUR 250,000 per lot); Deadline: 25/08/2022

The aim of this procurement is to develop four roadmaps for action in the area of evidence-based risk communication in the EU food safety system by providing recommendations for research priorities to support the implementation of risk communication according to the principles defined in the Transparency Regulation. The main objective of these roadmaps for action is to consider the findings of EFSA's scientific report and to define a way forward to advance in areas where additional research is required in support of evidence-based risk communication in the realm of food safety.

The tender is divided into the following four lots:

Lot 1: False information related to food safety

Lot 2: Effectiveness of Transparency initiatives

Lot 3: Insights into consumer trade-offs related to risks and benefits

Lot 4: Linking factors behind perception and behaviour  

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