Retail Forum - Terms of Reference

  1. The objective of the Forum is to build firm connections between the Food Safety Authority and technical personnel from the food retail and wholesale sector. Members will give and receive information within the scope outlined in (3) and act as the first point of contact between their company and the FSAI in respect of the scope of this Forum.
  2. Members for the Forum will be limited to Grocery Wholesalers and Grocery Multiples and Independent Grocery Trade.
  3. The scope of the groups work will cover:
    a. Food safety
    b. HACCP
    c. Food Legislation
    d. QA Schemes as they affect food safety
    e. Standards as they affect food safety
    f. Training
    g. Communications
  4. The group will meet at least three times per year or more often if necessary.
  5. E-mail is the agreed means of communication.
  6. Each retail group will be represented by 1 or 2 members unless agreed by consensus with all other members.
  7. The member of the Forum will nominate a second to attend in their absence.
    a. Members are committed to attendance whenever possible so as to maintain the integrity of the forum.
    b. No other attendees should attend a Forum meeting other than the member or his/her second unless agreed in advance with FSAI.
  8. A list of Forum members and nominees to attend in their absence will be circulated each year.
  9. Minutes will be taken at each meeting and circulated to all members. FSAI will post the minutes on the FSAI web once agreed and signed off. 
  10. A review of the Forum will be conducted each year and a decision will be made whether to continue for the next year. This will include a review of the terms of reference.

Last reviewed: 9/5/2018

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