Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is appointed by the Minister for Health to advise the FSAI Board on scientific matters within the FSAI’s remit. As a science-based body, the FSAI requires the best scientific advice to underpin its activities to protect the health of consumers and enforce food law.

The Scientific Committee is made up of scientists from a variety of disciplines, working voluntarily. It advises the FSAI in three main areas:

  • the operation of food inspection services
  • the nutritional value of food
  • scientific and technical issues in food safety and hygiene.

Standing and ad hoc subcommittees are formed to progress the work of the Scientific Committee in specific subject areas. The Scientific Committee amends and approves the draft work from the subcommittees before submission to the FSAI Board.

Members of the FSAI Scientific Committee

Work Plan of the Scientific Committee 2021-2025




Last reviewed: 12/11/2021

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