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Nutrition and Novel Foods Sub-Committee

Terms of Reference for the FSAI Scientific Sub-Committee on Nutrition, 2005 - 2010

The Subcommittee operates under the aegis of the Scientific Committee of the FSAI and the terms of reference of the Sub-committee cover the following areas as requested by the Scientific Committee, or as a result of self-tasking following consultation with the Scientific Committee:

1. To advise on the nutritional value and content of food to include:
a. Food supplements
b. Food fortification
c. Nutrition labelling
d. Health claims
f. Food for special medical purposes
g. Novel foods

2. To advise the Scientific Committee on any dietary and nutritional question directed to them by FSAI.

3. To advise the Scientific Committee on the collection and assessment of data relating to public health arising from nutritional value and content of food

4. To advise the Scientific Committee on the update and revision of Dietary Guidelines in Ireland , including those relating to special subgroups such as infants and the elderly.

5. To advise on nutritional and related human health aspects of applications to market novel foods and where applicable, GM foods within the EU (in conjunction with the GMO sub-committee)

6. To advise on EU food legislation relating to nutrition

7. To advise on research needs in the area of diet and nutrition

8. To advise the Scientific Committee on the risk assessment work of international organisations, including the following:

  • the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
  • World Health Organisation / Food and Agricultural Organisation committees

9. To support the Scientific Committee in the drafting and publication of scientific reports related to nutritional aspects of food.

Nutrition and Novel Foods Sub-Committee Members

  • Prof Albert Flynn (Chair),
    University College Cork
  • Dr John Kearney,
    Dublin Institute of Technology
  • Dr Mairead Kiely,
    University College Cork
  • Dr Sinead McCarthy,
  • Dr Helene McNulty,
    University of Ulster, Coleraine
  • Dr Celine Murrin,
    University College Dublin
  • Ms Ursula O'Dwyer,
    Dept of Health and Children
  • Prof Ivan Perry,
    University College Cork
  • Dr Helen Roche,
    Trinity Centre for Health Studies
  • Dr Ita Saul,
    Our Lady's Hospital for Sick Children
  • Prof John Scott
    Trinity College Dublin


Last reviewed: 2/2/2012

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