Public Health Nutrition Sub-Committee

Chair: Ms Ita Saul, Retired Paediatric Dietitian

Terms of Reference for the Public Health Nutrition Sub-Committee 2016-2020

The Sub-committee operates under the aegis of the Scientific Committee of the FSAI with the following functions: 


  1. To support the Scientific Committee by producing draft scientific reports related to public health nutrition, specifically
    a. The nutritional content of food.
    b. The safety and appropriateness of foods for particular nutritional uses and food supplements in the context of a balanced diet.
    c. The content and effectiveness of national surveillance programmes for food supplements and fortified foods.
    d. Emerging risks as defined by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) with regard to changing food consumption patterns and nutritional risks.
    e. Nutritional matters referred to the FSAI by the Department of Health and state bodies working in the field of public health nutrition.

  2. To advise the Scientific Committee on the scientific content of work carried out by other organisations including:
    a. EFSA
    b. World Health Organization
    c. Academic institutions
    d. Other national advisory bodies working on nutritional matters, e.g. SACN.

  3. To peer-review scientific reports from the FSAI and provide opinions on legislative matters as requested.

  4. To advise the Scientific Committee on research gaps and needs in the area of public health nutrition.

  5. To undertake any other work or assessments in the area of public health nutrition as proposed by the Sub-committee subject to approval from the Scientific Committee 


Last reviewed: 15/7/2016

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