Service Contract Agencies

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland is responsible for the enforcement of all 'food legislation' in Ireland . The Authority carries out this enforcement function through "service contracts" with official agencies. Section 48 of the FSAI Act, 1998 gives the legislative basis for this. These contracts outline an agreed level and standard of food safety activity that the agencies perform as agents of the Authority.

You can also find information below on Ireland's Multi-annual National Control Plan

The official agencies with whom the FSAI has contracts are:

The contracts are for a minimum duration of three years and subject to the request of either the FSAI or the official agency may be reviewed during that time. The contracts must be published within 3 months of the date they are entered into.

There are also Memorandums of Understanding in place between the FSAI and other enforcement agencies:

A Memorandum of Understanding sets out a framework for co-operation in their food safety activities where a service contract is a legal agreement to enforce food safety legislation.

National Control Plan for Ireland 2018-2022 

A multi-annual national control plan (MANCP) jointly developed by the FSAI and the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

Last reviewed: 8/12/2021

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