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Health Service Executive Service Contact 2016-2018

The FSAI has a service contract with the Health Service Executive; it was signed on the 1st of January 2016. Following an amendment to the Food Safety Authority of Ireland Act 1998, schedule 1 of the FSAI-HSE service contract was updated in November 2017. The new S.I. (S.I. No.107 of 2017) amends the legislation listed in the First Schedule to reflect amendments, repeals and new legislation issued since the publication of the previous Amendment to the Act (2014). 

The amendments are included in the revised version of the FSAI-HSE Contract 'Revision 1: 28.11.17'.

Health Service Executive    

 The Service Contract has been extended by agreement between the FSAI and the HSE to the 30th November 2020.


Last reviewed: 3/7/2020

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