Meeting of Consultative Council - 3 November 2015



Meeting of the Food Safety Consultative Council on 3 November 2015 at 10:30 in the Radisson Hotel, Golden Lane, Dublin


Veronica Campbell
Ray Bowe
Sinead Finnegan
Susanne Boyd
Dermott Jewell
Tim O’Brien
Martin Roper
Pat Daly
Paula Mee
Maree Gallagher


Cormac Healy
Raymond Ellard
Brendan Kehoe
Donal Maguire
Margaret Leahy
Una Fitzgibbon
Breda Raggett

In attendance

 Dorothy Guina Dornan,
Eileen Lippert,
Pamela Byrne,
Karen Brosnan,
Mary Flynn (joined at the end of the meeting)


1. Agree Minutes of the Meeting on 1 October 2015

Agreed: The minutes were agreed subject to two amendments.

2. Matters Arising

Action: SB will present information on inspections in Belfast at a future meeting.

3. Consultation on FSAI Strategic Plan

Noted: Pamela Byrne explained that FSAI has to develop a new three-year strategic plan which must be complete by the first quarter of 2016. She elaborated on the consultation process and introduced Karen Brosnan (KB) who has been appointed to facilitate consultations with all stakeholders.

Noted: KB outlined the plan for today’s consultation and created two groups to discuss questions that she had formulated for the meeting.

Action: KB will use the information obtained through the consultation to draft her report to the FSAI

4. Theme for Open Meeting

Noted: DGD informed the members about the Minister for Health’s initiative to develop a Code of Practice for food marketing, promotion and sponsorship and raised it as a possible theme for the FSCC Open Meeting. Ten issues raised during the consultation for the strategic plan were also suggested to the members and they were invited to discuss the issues and to select their top three topics.

Agreed: Following much discussion the members decided against the code of practice for food marketing as a theme, but agreed that ‘integrity of the food chain’ is a very interesting topic that would appeal to a wide audience. The FSCC also flagged it as a priority issue for the FSAI.

Action: DGD will discuss this with PB, RE and PW in the FSAI and RE will revert as soon as possible to the members with potential speakers.

5. IARC/ WHO Report on Red Meat, Processed Meat and Cancer

Noted: Mary Flynn joined the meeting to brief the members on the recent IARC/WHO report on red meat, processed meat and links to cancer which caused much concern internationally. The mismanagement of the risk communication of IARC/WHO was criticised. Damage was done by not clarifying and separating red meat and processed meat, in addition to not providing any information on how much processed meat an individual/family should consume. In essence while there was nothing wrong in the report, the manner in which the message was delivered left a lot to be desired. FSAI advised the members that it had flagged processed meats with the DoH and advocated that these be addressed in their healthy eating guidelines.

6. Correspondence

Noted: There was no correspondence.

7. AOB

Noted: There was no other business.

8. Date of Next meeting

Agreed: EL will revert with the details for the Open Meeting. Another regular meeting of the FSCC might be required in advance of the Open Meeting and EL will liaise with the members.




Last reviewed: 13/7/2016

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