Consultative Council Meeting Minutes - 20 May 2014

Minutes of the Meeting of the Food Safety Consultative Council on 20 May 2014 at 10:30 in the FSAI board room

Members Present

Ms Veronica Campbell (Chair)[VC]
Mr Cormac Healy [CH]
Ms Paula Mee [PM]
Mr Martin Roper [MR]
Ms Sinead Finnegan [SF]
Mr Dermott Jewell [DJ]
Ms Breda Raggett [BR]
Mr Ray Bowe [RB]
Ms Maree Gallagher [MGa]
Ms Margaret Leahy [ML]
Mr Tim O’Brien [TO’B]
Ms Una Fitzgibbon [UF]
Mr Brendan Kehoe [BK]
Mr Pat Daly [PD]
Mr Donal Maguire [DM]

Apologies for Absence

Dr Susanne Boyd [SB]

In Attendance

Mr Raymond Ellard [RE]
Ms Kathryn Sewell [KS]
Ms Gail Carroll [GC]
Ms Frances Douglas [FD]
Dr Mary Flynn [MF]

1. Welcome and introduction of new members

KS was introduced who was minuting the meeting in place of Eileen Lippert.

2. Agree minutes of meeting of 26 March 2014

The minutes of the meeting held on 26th March 2014 were approved.

3. Matters arising

There is no replacement for Dr Albert Flynn on the Scientific Committee. The joint meeting between the Scientific Committee and the Food Safety Consultative Council will go ahead.
Action: RE to arrange meeting.

4. “MenuCal”  - Presentation by Dr. Mary Flynn, Chief Specialist Public Health Nutrition

This is an online tool developed by FSAI for food businesses in Ireland that wish to calculate calories for their menu with the input of chefs, caterers and small business owners. The presentation and programme was well received with a number of questions. TO’B informed the group of his experiences in starting the programme as it can take some time. MF and FD asked him to keep them updated on the progress and to contact them should he have any queries.

MF and FD informed the group that it would be beneficial if they knew of any FBOs that would be willing to promote the programme and share their experiences of it

The group said that they would like to see allergen information and labelling to be included in the Menu Cal programme.  FSAI and Safefood have carried out some work on this and RE suggested that Dr Pat O’Mahony (FSAI) and James McIntosh (Safefood) present this to the group at the next meeting.

5. “A Review of the use of Enforcement Orders in Food Businesses” - Presentation by Ms Gail Carroll, Service Contract Manager

GC gave a presentation which was well received and discussion on this ensued. A suggestion was made to look at data regarding the link between consumer complaints on FBOs and enforcement orders, particularly closure orders, in those FBOs (if any).

Action: RE to send FSCC information on existing schemes such as ‘Scores on the Doors’ that are currently in place.

Action: RE to send the group a piece on the top 5 reasons for closure orders

6. FSAI update

  • AR is leaving FSAI in November this year and a recruitment company is assisting in finding a replacement.
  • To date there have been 81 food incidents and 6 allergen alerts.
  • The EU has developed a system on food fraud (ACCA) which is similar to the rapid alert system. Another EU wide round of testing of beef samples for horse meat will be carried out. 
  • Goat meat has been discovered in some kebab meat so as a result there will be testing carried out on lamb products for the presence of goat meat.
  • The FSAI audits on the control of food additives will be put up on the FSAI website.
  • ‘Breakfast Bites’ is a new venture that FSAI run for industry on various topics of interest and it is very popular.
  • A meeting for small businesses will take place in Galway on 28th May - Action: RE to source presentations and circulate to the group.
  • The e-learning training modules will be put up on the FSAI website when completed. This is a free online learning resource covering areas such as food additives and food flavourings - Action: KS to send link to PM.
  • The mussel incident is still under review.
  • A delegation from Hong Kong will be visiting FSAI on Wednesday 21st May in relation to oysters and associated illness.

7. Open meeting 2014

Nutrition and food fraud are two of the topics that will be covered at the open meeting later on this year. RE circulated information on research carried out regarding addiction to obesity-promoting foods and the group were in agreement to include this topic at the open meeting.
Action: RE to organise 2 key speakers on this topic and circulate proposal to the group.

8. Correspondence

There was no correspondence.

9. AOB

There was no other business.

10. Date of next meeting

The FSCC will meet with the Scientific Committee but will hold a brief meeting beforehand. The suggested dates were 9th or 10th July depending on the availability of members.

Last reviewed: 7/10/2014

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