Consultative Council Meeting Minutes - 25 February 2016

 Meeting of the Food Safety Consultative Council on 25 February 2016 at 11:00 in FSAI Seminar Room


Veronica Campbell
Ray Bowe
Sinead Finnegan
Martin Roper
Pat Daly
Maree Gallagher
Margaret Leahy
Una Fitzgibbon
Breda Raggett
Susanne Boyd (teleconference)


Dermott Jewell
Tim O’Brien
Cormac Healy
Brendan Kehoe
Donal Maguire
Paula Mee

 In attendance:

Raymond Ellard
Dorothy Guina Dornan
Eileen Lippert
Pamela Byrne
Gail Carroll
Eibhlin O’Leary
Jane Ryder

1. Agree Minutes of the Meeting on 3 November 2015

Agreed: The minutes were agreed subject to one amendment.

2. Matters Arising

Action: SB circulated information on inspections in Belfast at a future meeting. She also offered to arrange for an expert in ethnic hygiene training to speak to the FSCC if desired.

3. FSAI Strategic Plan 2016-2018 – Pamela Byrne, Eibhlin O’Leary & Gail Carroll

Noted: Pamela Byrne reminded the members about their participation in the development of the new strategic plan and thanked them for their comments. Pamela, Gail and Eibhlin gave a presentation on the main points of the new FSAI Strategic Plan 2016-2018. The presentation outlined the:

  • Vision of the FSAI
  • Mission of the FSAI
  • Values of the FSAI
  • FSAI’s strategic goals
  • FSAI’s enablers
  • The outcomes
  • A short summary of the plan

Noted: A question and answer session after the presentation and P Byrne addressed all of the queries. Some of these queries included:

  • Where is the framework?
  • Several queries regarding resources to carry out the strategic plan
  • The FSAI website – suggestion made to update it and possibly have one website for consumers and another for industry.
  • Is FSAI planning to focus more on the healthiness of food along with its safety?
  • How does FSAI know it has the best scientific evidence?
  • More information requested on the global leader aspect of the plan.
  • What will be the relationship with Safefood?
  • How will stakeholder engagement be managed?

4. FSAI Update

Noted: RE circulated an FSAI update to the members, the main points of which were:

  • Over 100 incidents logged between Dec 2015 and January. He provided some additional information on some of them that would be of most interest to the members
  • Making members aware of a new EU website called: “lighten the load” and the Commission welcomes comments on its legislation and suggestions for improvement.
  • A breakdown of official agency uptake of FSAI’s e-learning modules

There were some queries regarding the complaints procedure in the FSAI and RE addressed these.

5. FSCC Open Meeting

Noted: DGD addressed this topic and mentioned an email she circulated to the members the day before this meeting. She explained why the subject of food fraud can’t be the topic for the Open Meeting and the members accepted these reasons. They were very supportive of the theme “foods fit for an athlete”. The members suggested possible speakers could be from the areas of: sports psychology; sports nutrition; the Sports Council. It was also stressed that this issue is not about elite/professional athletes, but for regular members of the population with normal diets who exercise or go to the gym. The need for balance was stressed and it was suggested that one single company should not be invited to speak. Internet sales are another area that could be addressed at the meeting. DGD will liaise with PM, ML and MG to organise this open meeting with a view to having it at the end of April. 

5. Fresh Produce Safety in Primary Production – Karl McDonald

KMcD spoke about the updated revision of the “Fresh Produce Safety in Primary Production” guide and explained the reasons for its revision. He added that the main control issues are at the farm and that is why this is longest of the three documents that members’ comments were sought on. A guide for retailers and processers was also produced/revised. Members were of the view that a plain English version should be made available for farmers/producers in order for them to properly understand what is required of them. It is hoped when the revised documents are approved that they will be submitted to the EU in order for them to become national guides.
Following this discussion, the issue of the boil notice for imported berries was raised and it was confirmed that the boil notice is still in place. 

6. Correspondence

Noted: There was no correspondence.

7. AOB

Noted: VC raised the possibility of meeting again with FSA in Northern Ireland. It was explained that a new Chair will be appointed after July and a meeting after this has happened could be a viable option. September was suggested as a possibility.
Action: SB will send a link about the appointment of the new Chair to EL for circulation to the members.
Noted: PB advised the FSCC that the FSAI Board will invite VC to attend its Board meeting on 19 April.

8. Date of Next meeting

Agreed:The following dates were proposed for meetings of the FSCC in 2016:

  • Open meeting at a date to be confirmed in April.
  • Regular meeting on Wednesday 15 June
  • Joint meeting with FSA N. Ireland in September – date to be confirmed
  • Final meeting of this Council on 7 December.

Last reviewed: 13/7/2016

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