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The movement of goods to a destination outside the EU is referred to as an 'export'. Trading with countries that are not members of the EU is often referred to as 'export to a third country'. This trade is often subject to restrictions or may require additional certification. The EU have a Market Access Database that contains extensive information about market access conditions in non-EU countries.

In the event of a withdrawal of the UK from the EU without a deal, the UK will be considered a third country and an export cert may be required where food is being exported from Ireland to the UK (this is the case where food is being exported to a third country). The cert may be requested by the authorities in the importing country e.g UK. Export certs provide evidence that the food products comply with food law and facilitates trade.

However, the UK has stated that once it leaves the EU, there will be no additional controls or checks for UK imports, although this may change within the first 6 months of a no-deal Brexit. More information is available on:

Where can I get an export certificate?

The Environmental Health Service (EHS) of the Health Service Executive (HSE) will issue an export certificate for foodstuffs on non-animal origin. You can apply for a health certificate from the HSE on
Where veterinary health certificates are required for foods of animal origin, these will be issued by either the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) of by the Sea Fisheries Protection Authority (SFPA) for fishery products and live bivalve molluscs.

What documents do I need for an export certificate? 

Foods of non-animal origin

  • Details of registration with local HSE environmental health office
  • Compliance of food products and labels

Foods of animal origin

While the UK has indicated that it does not intend to impose export certification requirements at this stage in respect of animal products, it will require the pre-notification of such exports. More information on export certification is available on the Dept of Agriculture website

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