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The movement of goods to a destination outside the EU is referred to as an 'export'. Countries that are not members of the EU are often referred to as a 'third country'.  Each third country can set their own requirements for food imported into their country and such trade is often subject to restrictions or may require additional certification.

The EU have a Market Access Database that contains extensive information about market access conditions in non-EU countries. The EU have added the UK to this database and  included information on rules adopted by the UK that would apply in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

The UK  has also published advice that outlines the requirements  for food imports to the UK in the case of a no-deal Brexit.  In this advice, the UK  have outlined that there will be no additional controls or checks for the import of food into the UK from EU countries. They have also highlighted that the system for notification of the import of animal products or high risk food to the UK from the EU will change.  Information regarding exporting fish to the UK has also been published by the UK.

 As further information becomes available this page will be updated.


Last reviewed: 14/10/2019

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