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European Commission Audit and Analysis - Videos

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

The European Commission has launched a series of six short videos which present its audit and analysis work in a straightforward and engaging way.

The videos may be of interest to staff in organisations that receive EU Commission audits and also to food business and other operators that may be visited in the course of a Commission audit. 

The first three videos were created for those who are new to this area of work and intend to provide a quick general overview of European Commission activities, the overall audit process, the areas in which audit and non-audit work is conducted and the way this helps to ensure that EU citizens enjoy a high level of food safety which also supports the global trade of safe products. 

For those who receive European Commission audits for the first time, or who have not received one for some time, two further videos have been created to give a short step-by-step overview of the audit process and the information exchange between auditor and auditee. 

The final video outlines in broad strokes the EU imports requirements for products of animal origin.

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