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Replacement of EJ-10 High Intensity Drink as a precautionary measure - Product Recall

Friday, 15 March 2002

Category 2:

For Information

Alert Notification:

Notice 2002 III


EJ-10 High Intensity Drink, Soft compressible bottle 380ml

Batch Code:

Best Before May 2002 only, Manufacturer: Crystal Drinks, U.K. (incorrect manufacturer written on label as: TAGG NPD Ltd., Suffolk, U.K, Distributor in Ireland: Beeline Health Care, Ireland.

Country Of Origin:

United Kingdom




The distributor of EJ-10 High Intensity Drink in Ireland, Beeline Health Care, is voluntarily withdrawing 380ml bottles of the drink and replacing it with 250ml cans as a precautionary measure. Benzene was detected in a sample of the above product and the Public Analysts Lab in Galway is carrying out additional testing. Only 380ml bottles of this product with a Best Before Date of May 2002 are being replaced. All other products are not affected by this withdrawal.

This product has been distributed nation-wide to the grocery trade. The Food Safety Authority of Ireland is currently awaiting further details of the distribution of this product in Ireland.

Action Requested

For information only. No action is requested as this time.

Ruth Davis

Consumer Protection Division