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E. coli in a Batch of Beechvale Natural Still Water

Friday, 29 October 2010

Category 2:

For Information

Alert Notification:

2010.24 (edited 05.11.2010)


Beechvale Natural Still Water, 500 ml plastic bottles.

Batch Code:

End September 2011

Country Of Origin:

United Kingdom


FSAI has been notified that a sample of Beechvale Natural Still Water was found to contain  E. coli (1 cfu/250 ml).  Although E. coli may be non-pathogenic, it is an indicator of faecal contamination and renders the water unsafe and in breach of microbiological criteria for bottled water.

Additional Information:
Beechvale Waters, Northern Ireland, is recalling the implicated batch of Beechvale Natural Still Water and is issuing a point-of-sale notice to their customers. Corrective action is being taken by the bottler.

Please also see food alert 2010.24 Update 1.