Food Monitoring and Surveillance  - undertaken in conjunction with official agencies and their associated laboratories. You can access reports and surveys for the following areas: microbiological, chemical, genetically modified food, irradiated food, labelling and nutrition.

Human Disease Surveillance is carried out by the Health Protection Surveillance Centre. In this section you can access information and reports on human diseases which have the potential to be transmitted via food or water.

Zoonoses are diseases and infections which are naturally transmittable between vertebrate animals and humans. In this section you can find information and reports on zoonoses transmitted via food and water. 

Monitoring means conducting a planned sequence of observations or measurements
with a view to obtaining an overview of the state of compliance with food law and from which useful prevalence data may emerge.

Surveillance means conducting a planned sequence of observations or measurements for the purpose of applying appropriate control measures. Such control measures are normally determined in advance by the competent authority. One of the main objectives of surveillance is to follow-up unsatisfactory results with an investigation and possible enforcement action.



Last reviewed: 27/3/2018