Q. Do staff have to be trained in food safety/hygiene?

It is a legal requirement that staff who are involved in a food environment are trained and/or supervised commensurate with their work activity. The responsibility for the supervision and training of staff lies with the proprietor of the food business.

Staff responsible for the development and maintenance of the food business's HACCP based procedures must have received adequate training in the application of the HACCP principles. There is, however, no legal requirement for individuals to undergo certified training programmes.

Q. Does the FSAI carry out food safety/hygiene training?

The FSAI does not provide general food safety/hygiene training courses, however, the FSAI runs one specific training course:

  • 'Train the Trainer workshops' for the FSAI's "Food Safety and You Induction Training Programme"

Completion of the 'Train the trainer' workshop will allow a member of staff to deliver the FSAI's 3 hour induction programme on food safety.

Get more details on the 'Train the Trainer' programme

Q. Does the FSAI register, approve or endorse any training consultants or their training programmes?

A. The FSAI does not register, approve or endorse any training consultants or their training programmes.

Q. Where can I find information on food safety/hygiene training courses?

A. For information on what to look for in a training course and how to get the most out of your training view our Food Safety Training leaflet.

To assist industry determine the information that should be included during training for employees and management in a food business the Food Safety Authority of Ireland has published a suite of Guides to Food Safety Training. These are the first national guidelines on food safety training in Ireland and detail the food safety skills that food handlers and non-food handlers should be able to demonstrate at various stages in the workplace:

1. Guide to Food Safety Training Level 1 and Level 2

  • Level 1 provides information on basic food safety skills to be demonstrate within the first month of employment.
  • Level 2 provides information on the additional food safety skills that staff should be able to demonstrate within 3-12 months of commencing employment in your food business.

2. Guide to Food Safety Training Level 3

  • Level 3 food safety skills for management are the food safety skills to be demonstrated by managers and supervisors in food operations.

You can order a copy of these guides in the Publications section of our website

Q. Are there any food safety training materials available in foreign languages?

The FSAI provides information training materials available in a variety of languages. This document is merely intended to provide information, and is not an endorsement or recommendation for any or all of training materials listed. View document on food safety training materials in foreign languages

Q. Is there a specific course/qualification that I need to become a trainer?

A. There are no specific qualifications required to become a food safety trainer, however the FSAI recommends that the person delivering the training must have:

  • a background in food safety. The FSAI Level 3 Training Guide (Food Safety Skills for Managers) provides information on the level of food safety knowledge that a food safety trainer requires
  • relevant experience in the food industry
  • knowledge of how people learn and
  • training skills.



Last reviewed: 1/9/2017

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