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Bottle Feeding Safely

Expressed breast milk

Breastfeeding supports optimum growth, development and health, and also ensures a better future health for infants and their mothers.  Mothers often express their breast milk so that their babies and toddlers can continue to drink it even if they are away from their mother – for example, when mums go back to work.
When expressing breast milk, and feeding breast milk from a bottle, it’s important to use clean, sterilised equipment and to store the expressed milk safely. Our guide Best Practice for Infant Feeding in Ireland gives advice on expressing breast milk and storing it safely.

Infant formula

Breast milk is the best and most natural food for babies, it’s ready to feed and it’s free. However, if you have made an informed decision to feed your baby infant formula, you need to know how to prepare and store it safely – just follow the steps in safefood’s booklet:  How to Prepare your Baby’s Bottle  

Last reviewed: 10/12/2014

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