The movement of goods to a destination outside the EU is referred to as an 'export'. Trading with countries that are not members of the EU is often referred to as 'exporting to a third country'. The EU have an online portal Access2Markets that contains extensive information about market access conditions in non-EU countries, including restrictions or additional certification requirements. Each country outside the EU set their own requirements regarding food placed on their market.

Irish businesses that wish to sell any food product in Great Britain will need to adhere to the rules and requirements for exporting outside the EU, as well as to import requirements set by the UK government.

The UK can set their own requirements for how they operate their border controls. The UK Government has published its'  Border Operating Model, outlining their plans for the introduction of border controls on exports to Great Britain from the EU.  These plans indicate that controls will be implemented in three phases, from 1 January 2021 to the implementation of full controls by July 2021.  

If you trade with Great Britain, or use the landbridge across Great Britain, you should make yourself aware of your responsibilities in relation to UK customs and regulatory checks and controls.  In particular, it will be necessary to be aware of the introduction of controls on a phased basis in January, April and July. 

Further information on the requirements is available at GOV.UK .

Export Health Certificates

The UK Governments’ Border Operating Model sets out when an export certificate is required for food exported from the EU to Great Britain.  Further details on the format of the health certificates are available at Gov.UK  


Getting an export health certificates for exports to Great Britain

The Irish authorities are currently developing the systems to provide food businesses with export certificates for Great Britain where they are required. We will keep businesses informed through the local inspectors that supervise your food business, the FSAI website and through the Irish Government Brexit information webpages.


Last reviewed: 13/1/2021

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