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Food Imports

Import of Food into Ireland from the UK when the UK leaves the EU


Food imports refer to the movement of food products into EU Member States (MS) from countries outside the EU, these non-EU member countries are often referred to as 'third countries'. Strict rules are in place for imports to ensure that all imports fulfill the same high standards as products from the EU itself. When the UK leaves the EU, it will be a third country and food coming from the UK will be subject to import controls.

What are EU import controls on foods?

EU food import controls are checks on foods and food contact materials (FCM) at the point of entry into an EU member state. Import controls are a legal requirement of EU food law that contributes to ensuring food safety and consumer protection. They are a fundamental element in verifying compliance of food imports with relevant EU food safety requirements and legislation. EU legislation on food imports can be split into the following groupings:

Non-Animal Origin        Guidance on importing food products of non-animal origin
Animal Origin
Guidance on importing food products of animal origin
Composite Foods 
Guidance on importing composite foods (both animal & plant origin).

Last reviewed: 21/10/2019

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