Food Hygiene Legislation

You must comply with the rules set out in the food hygiene legislation (Regulation 852/2004/EC). This is applicable irrespective of the size or type of business. This legislation sets out rules and general requirements on food hygiene including: 

  • premises layout
  • temperature control
  • equipment
  • transport
  • waste
  • personal hygiene
  • training

Legislation on the general principles of food law (Regulation 178/2002/EC) makes it illegal to place unsafe food on the market. 

For foods of animal origin you must also adhere to Regulation 853/2004/EC (for more see Approval of a Food Business). This sets out specific hygiene rules for these types of products.

There are several guidance documents on the above legislation which you may find helpful.

The National Standards Authority of Ireland also provide guidance:

  • I.S. 340:2007 – Hygiene in the Catering Sector 
  • I.S. 341:2007 - Hygiene in Food Retailing and Wholesaling

Additional legislation may be required depending on the category of business. See more information on food legislation

Last reviewed: 25/11/2019

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