Food Safety Culture

Event - Food Safety Culture - How Food Businesses and Consumers Benefit

On 18 November 2021, the FSAI’s Food Safety Consultative Council held its open meeting and the topic of food safety culture in food businesses was explored. Since March 2021, there is a legal requirement that all food businesses to establish, maintain and demonstrate an appropriate food safety culture within their business.

 The regulation, which amends an existing food safety regulation, requires food businesses to provide evidence of an appropriate food safety culture by satisfying a number of requirements set out in the regulation.

 The event provided participants insights into the role of and consequences of food safety culture for three distinct groups in the food system cycle; the safety of all of us as consumers, industry practitioners engaged in providing food for consumers world-wide, and regulators seeking to increase both public health and increased trade.


Last reviewed: 19/11/2021

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