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The FSAI is the authority with responsibility for the enforcement of Irish food safety legislation

The FSAI legislation section covers Irish and International Food Acts and Laws. Food legislation section contains a comprehensive list of food legislation in Ireland. Information on FSAI consultations on new legislation is available in our Consultation section.

Food law in Ireland dates back to the early 1800’s and has been continually augmented and amended over the years. Today, most if not all of our national food legislation derives from Ireland’s membership of the European Union. The negotiation of these laws and the responsibility to give legal effect to the decisions, directives and regulations agreed in Brussels rests with several Government Departments. The Food Safety Authority of Ireland is the single, regulatory authority with responsibility for the enforcement of food safety legislation in Ireland. This responsibility for enforcement is managed through a series of service contracts with official agencies.

Ireland’s food code is considerable in volume and ever evolving and the purpose of this page is to act as a general guide and information source on the various acts, regulations and orders made at national level as well as those directives and regulations made at EU level.

Last reviewed: 27/3/2009

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