Exemptions from marketing standards

 The following exceptions and exemptions from the application of marketing standards are set out in Regulation (EU) No 543/2011

The following products are not required to conform to the general marketing standard:

  • non-cultivated mushrooms of CN code 0709 59 
  • capers of CN code 0709 90 40
  • bitter almonds of CN code 0802 11 10 
  • shelled almonds of CN code 0802 12
  • shelled hazelnuts of CN code 0802 22
  • shelled walnuts of CN code 0802 32
  • pine nuts of CN code 0802 90 50
  • saffron of CN code 0910 20
  • pistachios of CN code 0802 50 00
  • macadamia of CN code 0802 60 00
  • pecans of CN code ex 0802 90 20
  • other nuts of CN code 0802 90 85
  • dried plantains of CN code 0803 00 90
  • dried citrus of CN code 0805
  • mixtures of tropical nuts of CN code 0813 50 31
  • mixtures of other nuts of CN code 0813 50 39

The following products are not required to conform to the marketing standards:

  • Products intended for industrial processing or intended for animal feed or other non-food use - provided they are clearly marked with the words ‘intended for processing’ or ‘for animal feed’ or any other equivalent wording,
  • Products transferred by the producer on his holding to consumers for their personal use
  • Products having undergone a trimming or cutting making them ‘ready to eat’ or ‘kitchen ready’.

The following products within a given production area:

  • Products sold or delivered by the grower to preparation and packaging stations or storage facilities, or shipped from his holding to such stations; and
  • Products shipped from storage facilities to preparation and packaging stations.

Where specific marketing standards apply, fresh fruit and vegetables not in 'Extra Class', at stages following dispatch, can show a slight lack of freshness and turgidity and slight deterioration due to their development and their tendency to perish.


Last reviewed: 28/10/2020

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