Poisons Act 1961 (No. 12 of 1961)

Amended by

Poisons Act 1961(Commencement) Order 1982 (S.I. No. 187 of 1982)

Poisons (Prohibition of the use of certain substances for agricultural purposes) Regulations 1991 (S.I. No. 361 of 1991)

Animal Remedies (Poisons Act 1961) Regulations 2007 (S.I. No. 861 of 2007)

Poisons Regulations 2008 (S.I. 511 of 2008)


The Poisons Act 1961 provides for the establishment of a council known as Comhairle na Nimheanna and it defines its functions. The Act also provides for the regulation, control of distribution, transport, storage and sale of poisons and of the manufacture of pharmaceutical preparations containing poisons and of the use of poisons for agricultural and veterinary purposes.

The Poisons Regulations 2008 (S.I. 511 of 2008) which were signed by the Minister of Health and Children in December 2008, consolidate and replace the previous legislation i.e. Poisons Regulations 1982 (S.I. No. 188 of 1982) (as amended).  The Regulations provide that the retail sale of certain poisons (i.e. those specified in Part 1 of Schedule 1) may only take place at retail pharmacies by or under the supervision of registered pharmacists. The Regulations also provide that certain other poisons (i.e. those specified in Part 2 of Schedule 1) may be sold by retail outlets licensed for that purpose, as well as through pharmacies. Regulation 10 of  S.I. No. 511 of 2008 permits The Health Service Executive to grant licences to those proposing to engage in the selling of the poisons specified in Part 2 of Schedule 1. Such licences generally continue for a period of 2 years, unless cancelled or suspended. The Regulations also set out specific requirements with regard to record-keeping in respect of certain poisons. 

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