Flavourings - Introduction

While the FSAI Advice Line provides advice and support on the topic of flavourings, it does not provide advice on the authorised use of specific flavourings in specific food. Please do not send us queries requesting this service. It is the responsibility of the food business owner to ensure compliance with food law by accessing the flavourings information provided on our website and also through the European Commission’s database on flavourings which serves as a tool to provide information about the flavourings approved for use in food in the EU and their conditions of use.

Flavourings are used to improve or modify the odour and/or taste of foods. Flavourings and food ingredients with flavouring properties should only be used if they fulfil the criteria laid down in legislation governing the use of flavourings. EU legislation defines different types of flavourings, such as:

  • flavouring substances
  • flavouring preparations
  • thermal process flavourings
  • smoke flavourings
  • flavour precursors
  • other flavouring


Last reviewed: 4/8/2021

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