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FSAI Publishes Booklet on New Food Information Regulation

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) today published a new industry booklet to give food businesses operators an easy to understand overview of some of the upcoming changes to food labelling under the new food information regulations.  While the original objectives and components of current labelling legislation still apply, some new requirements are being introduced under Regulation No. (EU) 1169/2011, which will modernise the current system.  The FSAI is encouraging all food businesses to familiarise themselves with the new regulatory requirements and download the booklet, which is available on the Authority’s website.

The new Regulation applies to food businesses at all stages of the food chain where their activities concern the provision of food information to consumers.  The current legislation sets out the requirements for the labelling, advertising and presentation of food, whereas the new legislation refers to food information, rather than food labelling.  It will apply from 13th December 2014, with the exception of requirements for mandatory nutrition declaration, which will apply from the 13th December 2016, and specific requirements regarding the designation of minced meat, which will apply from the 1st January 2014.

According to Ms Anne-Marie Boland, Senior Executive: Regulatory Affairs, FSAI the booklet provides an overview of the key changes and implications of the new Regulation and recommends that food businesses familiarise themselves with these changes.

    “By updating and bringing together existing rules around the provision of food information, the new Regulation offers significant benefits for food businesses in terms of greater clarity and easier compliance.  This new food information regulation extends beyond food labelling.  It means information concerning a food and made available to the final consumer by means of a label, other accompanying material, or any other means including modern technology or verbal communications.  This will ultimately benefit all stakeholders, including consumers.  We’ve put together this comprehensive overview booklet to assist food businesses better understand how the changes will impact on them and this is available from our website.  The FSAI can also be contacted through our advice line (1890 336677) with any queries.”

The booklet highlights new elements of the Regulation such as: allergen information; date of minimum durability; nutrition declaration; front of pack labelling and; country of origin labelling.


Booklet: Overview of Changes to Food Labelling Introduced under the New Food Information Regulation