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Prompt Payment Procedures

The Food Safety Authority is committed to making every effort to pay its suppliers promptly. In this regard suppliers can help by ensuring that they provide correct invoices, accurate bank account details and by ensuring that their Tax Clearance status with the Irish Revenue Commissioners is up to date.

15-Day Payment Requirement, June 2009

The Government introduced a non-statutory requirement in June 2009 to reduce the payment period by Central Government Departments and Agencies to their suppliers from 30 to 15 days. Every effort, consistent with proper financial procedures, is being made to ensure that all suppliers are paid within this time-frame. The documents below show the Food Safety Authority performance with regard to the 15 day payment requirement:




2016 Q1 Prompt Payment Report   

2016 Q2 Prompt Payment Report   

2016 Q3 Prompt Payment Report 


2015 Q1 Prompt Payment Report

2015 Q2 Prompt Payment Report  

2015 Q3 Prompt Payment Report 

2015 Q4 Prompt Payment Report 




2013 Q1 Prompt Payment Report 

2013 Q2 Prompt Payment Report

2013 Q3 Prompt Payment Report 

2013 Q4 Prompt Payment Report


2012 Q1 Prompt Payment Table  
2012 Q2 Prompt Payment Table  
2012 Q3 Prompt Payment Table  
2012 Q4 Prompt Payment Table 



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