Article 13 Health Claims

These are health claims describing or referring: 

  • to the role of a nutrient or other substance in growth, development and the functions of the body; or
  • to psychological and behavioural functions; or
  • without prejudice to Directive 96/8/EC, slimming or weight control or reduction in the sense of hunger or an increase in the sense of satiety or to the reduction of the available energy from the diet.

Permitted and non-authorised Art 13 claims

 Commission Regulation (EU) No. 432/2012 establishes a list of permitted Article 13 claims. 

The Annex to this Regulation lists the permitted claims and details the exact substance or food in question (i.e. the nutrient, substance, food or food category) , the claim itself and the conditions of use of the claim as well as any conditions and/or restrictions of use of the food and/or additional statement or warning which must also be indicated on the labelling.

A number of Article 13 claims have yet to be evaluated (including claims on botanicals) and these are effectively ‘on-hold’. Since 14 December 2012, only those claims which are either permitted or ‘on – hold’ are legal for use on foods.

The EU Register of claims lists permitted and non-authorised claims . It can be viewed here:  

Last reviewed: 24/7/2014

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