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Article 13 Claims - EFSA Consolidated List

Food business operators requested to check EFSA consolidated list.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has now published the consolidated list of Article 13 health claims on its website. The list is available for download as a MS Access database. EFSA have screened all of the claims submitted by Member States and further clarification is required for many of the claims. The FSAI request that food business operators who have submitted Article 13 health claims through the FSAI, check the consolidated list to see if further information is required for their specific claim. Claims which need further clarification can be identified using the ‘criteria for initial screening’ which have been outlined by EFSA (also available on the EFSA website).

In January 2008, the FSAI with support and input from the Department of Health and Children, compiled a list of Article 13 health claims submissions for Ireland (as required under Regulation 1924/2006/EC on Nutrition and Health Claims). The List (consisting of 314 separate claims) was collated using an on-line process and all claims submitted via the FSAI Article 13 online submissions process between June and December 2007 were included in the List. This list was sent to the European Commission where, following consultation with EFSA, a Community list of permitted claims, along with all the necessary conditions for use of these claims, will be adopted by January 31st 2010.

Over 43,000 claims were submitted by all the Member States for approval under Article 13(1). This list was consolidated by the Commission so that similar health relationships could be assessed at the same time. This process also ensured completeness of the information submitted and that claims outside the scope of Article 13(1) were not included . The consolidated list was sent to Member States to identify any omissions or errors as a result of the consolidation process. This process was carried out in July 2008. Comments and requests for additions were forwarded to the Commission as part of this process. The list was subsequently sent to EFSA for evaluation.

The consolidated list of health claims was published by EFSA on January 16 th 2009. Further information relating to specific claims which is required by EFSA should be sent to the FSAI, for the attention of the Public Health Nutrition section.


Last reviewed: 18/3/2009

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