Salt and Health

The FSAI is working with the food industry (manufacturers, retailers, caterers, etc) to achieve gradual, sustained and universal reductions in the salt content of processed and prepared foods. This work began in 2003 with 7 main objectives.

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Long-term goal 

To reduce the average population intake of salt from 10 grams (g) a day to 6g a day by 2010 through partnership with the food industry and State bodies charged with communicating the salt and health message to consumers.

Find out how salt affects your health

There are many different kinds of salt on the market. What are the differences in these salts?

Data on the Sodium content of Irish food 

The FSAI in conjunction with the Public Analysts Laboratory in Galway has monitored processed food on the Irish market since 2003 to determine mean levels of sodium and potassium in these products. Data generated from this monitoring helps support the FSAI Salt Reduction Programme in processed foods and the FSAI contribution to monitoring of sodium intake in the WHO-EU salt action network.

Monthly Salt Updates for 2010-2011 (Archive)

An archive of monthly updates on salt and related health matters worldwide, focusing primarily on salt reduction (links to peer reviewed journal articles, press publications, research news, legislation etc.)

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Last reviewed: 20/1/2020

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