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Transitional measures regarding the labelling of minced meat which were contained in Regulation (EC) No 1162/2009 are now in Annex VI of Regulation (EU) 1169/2011 on the provision of food information to the consumer. Last reviewed: 20/1/2014

Six Enforcement Orders served on food businesses in March
The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) today reported that six Enforcement Orders were served on food businesses during the month of March for breaches of food safety legislation, ... and minced meat incorrectly being given up to 26 days shelf life as a result of re-vacuum packing. ...

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Safe Food To Go - Food Safety Authority of Ireland undercooked minced beef, e.g. beef burgers, but cross contamination from raw meat can transfer these bacteria to other foods. They can cause serious illness and may even result in death. Staphylococcus aureus is typically . found on the hands and in and around the nose of healthy adults.

STATUTORY INSTRUMENTS. - Food Safety Authority of Ireland
minced meat, prepared or processed in his or her establishment. 4. (1) Where a food business operator contends that an activity is “marginal, localised and restricted”, as defined in Regulation 3, the food business operator shall bear the onus of proving that the activity complies with the requirements

VTEC in Food 2015 Table 1: VTEC in meat and other foods.
Minced Meat Convenience Sampling Beef Hospital Raw Single 48 28 58.33 Pork Hospital NS Batch 1 0 0 Total 49 28 57.14 Suspect Sampling Other species Unspecified NS Single 1 0 0 Total 1 0 0 Meat Preparation Convenience Sampling Beef Retail Raw Single 1 0 0 Retail NS Batch 1 0 0

COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 601/•2014 - of 4 June 2014 ...
minced, sliced or processed and that are combined together, e.g. roulades containing minced meat and in order to maintain juiciness dur ing the preparation of gyros, souvlaki, bif teki, soutzoukaki, kebap and sef talia have been considered and it is appropr iate to author ise these uses.

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3930 results for 'sampling' (Page 2) Sampling rules and frequencies for minced meat set in ... from these sampling frequencies. The FSAI has produced guidance on reduced sampling frequencies for low through-put slaughterhouses and meat manufacturing premises and also for butcher shops producing minced meat and meat preparations in small quantities.

Food Legislation - The Food Safety Authority of Ireland
Food Legislation. The following is a comprehensive list of food legislation in Ireland. It provides a reference and guide to the various Acts, Regulations and Orders made at national level as well as those Directives and Regulations made at EU level.

Labelling | Fish and Fishery Products | Food Legislation ...
CN 0303: Fish, frozen, excluding fish fillets and other fish meat of heading 0304 CN 0304: Fish fillets and other fish meat (whether or not minced), fresh, chilled or frozen b) CN 0305: Fish, dried, salted or in brine; smoked fish, whether or not cooked before or during the smoking process; flours, meals and pellets of fish, fit for human consumption

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However, minced beef such as burgers, or rolled joints, must be cooked to a core temperature of 75°C. This is because bacteria which are usually present on the external surfaces of meat joints can be redistributed throughout the inside of the burger on mincing/rolling. Q.

FSAI advice line received 14,348 queries and complaints in ...
FSAI Advice Line Received 14,348 Queries and Complaints in 2014. Monday, 9 February 2015. The number of queries handled by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland’s Advice Line increased by 8% in 2014, as compared with the previous year.

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119 results for 'unpasteurised milk' (Page 7) Search Results | The Food Safety Authority Of Ireland 36000 results for 'raw milk' (Page 3) (Text with EEA relevance) hazard to public health: raw or undercooked beef and possibly meat from other ruminants, minced meat and fermented beef and products thereof, raw milk and raw milk products, fresh produce, in particular sprouted seeds, and ...

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Search Results | The Food Safety Authority Of Ireland Meat products Minced meat and minced meat products are a major source of E. coli O157. Drinking raw milk can pose health risk @EFSA_EU In Australia, the death of a child and the hospitalisation of four others were associated with drinking raw milk in December last year.

(vii) the European Communities (Minced Meat and Meat Preparations) Regulations 1996 (S.I. No. 243 of 1996), or (viii) the European Communities (Fresh Meat) Regulations 1997 (S.I. No. 434 of 1997), (ix) the European Communities (Approval and Registration of Establishments and Intermediaries in the Animal Feed Sector)

Salmonella in Food 2014 Table 1: Salmonella spp. in meat
Minced Meat Convenience Sampling Broiler Unspecified NS 1 0 0 Beef Processing Raw 7 0 0 . 3 Food Type Sampling Site RTE Status Samples Tested Samples Positive % Positive Retail Raw 5 0 0 NS 1 0 0 Unspecified Raw 1 0 0 NS 10 0 0 Pork Unspecified Raw 1 0 0 Lamb ...

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