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General Hygiene Provisions | Minced Meat | Food ...
General Hygiene Provisions. The current regime of hygiene rules was adopted in April 2004 by the European Parliament and the Council and became applicable on the 1st January 2006.

Consumers change purchasing habits following horse meat issue
When buying processed foods, people are not in a position to identify what raw materials are used and, therefore, they rely on labelling as their only source of information. They are in effect putting their trust in the hands of manufacturers and retailers who have a legal obligation to ensure that all ingredients in their products are correctly labelled.”

Search Results | The Food Safety Authority Of Ireland
Requirements for Raw Materials - Meat Preparations. Regulation (EC) 853/2004 defines 'Meat preparations' as fresh meat, including meat that has been reduced to fragments, which has had foodstuffs, seasonings or additives added to it or which has undergone processes insufficient to modify the internal muscle fibre structure of the meat and thus to eliminate the characteristics of fresh meat.

FSAI Artisan Forum Meeting - 11th November 2011 | Food ...
The members agreed that the cost of allowing raw milk to be sold in Ireland should be cost neutral to the Government. The benefits of drinking raw milk were raised again as was the issue of freedom of choice. The fact that banning raw milk in Ireland would put a very bad message out across the world about Ireland was also raised.

Traceability | FAQ' s | The Food Safety Authority of Ireland
Traceability Summary. Regulation 178/2002 outlines the general principles of food law and requires that all food businesses must have in place a traceability system. The regulation is minimal in its description of what is required and it would in no way reflect what is considered to be best practice.

(3) Third countries using only raw material either from Member States or from other third countries approved for imports of such raw material to the Union, in accordance with Article 2. ( 4 ) The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia; the definitive nomenclature for this country will be agreed following current nego tiations at UN level.

Other Legal Microbiological Criteria | Microbiological ...
Other Legal Microbiological Criteria Raw Milk. Limits for E. coli, plate counts at 30 o C and somatic cell counts in raw milk are set in Regulation (EC) No 853/2004 laying down specific hygiene rules for food of animal origin.. Water. The basic standards governing the quality of drinking water intended for human consumption are set out in Council Directive 98/83/EC.

The raw materials used in the production of magnesium citrate malate include purified demineralised water as well as food grade citrate, malate and magnesium salts, all of . 3 Food Safety Authority of Ireland which are currently authorised as food additives in the EU.

Minutes of the FSAI Artisan Forum - 5 November 2013 ...
Raw milk. Noted: Members sought an update on the raw milk situation and WA explained that DoH and DAFM are in discussion as to which Department should write the sale of raw milk legislation. The position of the FSAI was reiterated and while it is legal to sell raw milk in Ireland, the area is not properly regulated.

Directive 2009/32/EC of the European Parliament and of the ...
extraction procedure during the processing of raw materials, of foodstuffs, or of components or ingredients of these products and which is removed but which may result in the unintentional, but technically unavoidable, presence of residues or derivatives in the foodstuff or

Consultative Council Minutes - 21st September 2010 ...
Aspartame was found to be safe for human consumption and approved for use under EU food additive law. ... The hazards related the storage of feed were also covered along with the process flow of animal feed from raw material to sale to the final user. ... The Salmonella in duck eggs outbreak is still current and there have been 25 cases to date.

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44800 results for 'safe catering' (Page 8) Search Results | The Food Safety Authority Of Ireland 283 results for 'safe food to go' (Page 4) Transport and Delivery - Food Safety Authority of Ireland Ready-to-eat food supplied from a catering business is at risk from contamination with food poisoning bacteria from raw food if both are transported together.

(6) The raw material used for the production of collagen consists mainly of bovine connective tissue of hides and tendons, calf skins, sheep skins and pig skins. To ensure the safety of the raw material, it must derive from animals that pass ante and post mortem inspections as fit for human consumption. Such material must also be

Shelf-life Determination | Shelf-life | FAQs | The Food ...
Shelf-life Determination. How do I determine the shelf-life of my product? The FSAI has produced a detailed guidance document, Guidance Note No. 18: Validation of Product Shelf-life (Revision 3), outlining agreed best practice to be used by food businesses to determine product shelf-life. Do I need to have my food product tested in a laboratory?

Search Results | The Food Safety Authority Of Ireland
Requirements for raw materials - minced meat. Regulation (EC) 853/2004 defines 'Minced meat' as "boned meat that has been minced into fragments and contains less than 1 % salt". Minced meat must not be re-frozen after thawing. FBOs producing minced meat must ensure that the raw materials used to prepare minced meat must

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