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Procurement and Financial Information

As a public sector body, we strive to ensure that we receive the best value for money in the procurement of goods and services, that we are open and transparent in our dealings and that we pay our suppliers promptly.


We are committed to obtaining best value for money and maintaining the highest standards of efficiency and integrity in all our procurement and purchasing activities. The purchase of goods and services by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) is conducted using a competitive process. This is in accordance with our procurement policy.

Office of Government Procurement (OGP) Frameworks

It is our policy to use National Frameworks where possible. Suppliers are encouraged to tender for these Frameworks when advertised by the Office of Government Procurement (OGP). These Frameworks are also advertised on and the Official Journal of the European Union OJEU/TED

We engage with suppliers and use National Framework Agreements for goods and services. These include, but are not limited to, the following services:

  • Consultancy/professional services
  • Research services
  • Legal services
  • Certain specialist training services
  • Travel management services
  • Utilities (e.g., electricity, natural gas, etc.)
  • Insurance and brokerage services
  • Waste and record management
  • Confidential shredding services
  • Microsoft licensing services
  • Network/communications equipment
  • Translation services
  • Facilities management services
  • Marketing, print and stationery
  • Taxi services
  • Health and safety services
  • Office furniture/equipment
  • Mobile communications and services
  • IT consumables/external support services

How we buy

For supplies and services below €5,000 (excluding VAT), we will typically seek three written, competitive, quotes from suppliers or service providers. Typically, suppliers are selected from public domain sources (for example, internet searches).

For supplies and services between €5,000 and €50,000 (excluding VAT), we will typically seek not less than three written, competitive, proposals from suppliers or service providers. Typically, suppliers are selected from public domain sources (for example, internet searches)

We advertise contracts above €50,000 (excluding VAT) on the Irish Government procurement portals e-Tenders. This is in accordance with Circular 05/2023. All suppliers are encouraged to register with e-Tenders and are asked to monitor the e-Tenders website on a regular basis to identify tendering opportunities.

If a contract is above the European threshold (currently €221,000 (excluding VAT)), we advertise the tender in the supplement of the Official Journal of the European Union OJEU/TED and also on e-Tenders.

Tender documents are made available on the e-Tenders portal site for any interested party wishing to tender for goods or services for the FSAI.

How we spend

Details of payments made for goods and services valued at €20,000 or more are published quarterly in the Purchase Orders section on this page.

Our tender competitions over €25,000

Details of all our current and historical tenders over €25,000 (excluding VAT) for all other tender competitions not covered under the OGP Frameworks are available on

Public Sector publication of contract award notices

The Government launched an initiative in April 2014 (Circular 10/14) to assist Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the area of Public Sector procurement. One of these measures requires public buyers to publish all award details for contracts valued over €25,000 (excluding VAT) on the e-Tenders website on completion of the contract signing.

All stand-alone contract awards and mini competitions under the OGP Frameworks can be found on the Office of Government Procurement website.

All contracts awarded from the period 2018 for goods and services over €25,000 and VAT can be found in the ‘Published tenders’ section on the e-Tenders website. 

This report is updated annually and is in line with our Procurement Plan.


Prompt Payment Reports

It is a government requirement that all Public Sector bodies commit to paying their suppliers within 15 calendar days of receiving a valid invoice. The 15-day period begins on the day a valid invoice is received at its designated address. For an invoice to be valid, it should contain all information required by the contracting party and any such information required should be reasonable. 

As a Public Sector body, the FSAI is required to report on a quarterly basis to the Department of Health on prompt payments. This is in line with the Government’s Decision No. 29296 of 2 and 8 March 2011.

Details from 2019 to the most recent quarter can be found below.







Purchase Orders over €20,000

In line with the Programme for Government commitment to enhance the transparency of the Public Service, Purchase Orders for goods and services procured by the FSAI of more than €20,000 in value are published in arrears on a quarterly basis.

Purchase Orders are inclusive of VAT, where appropriate

Suppliers subject to Withholding Tax will have it deducted at point of payment which may decrease the amount actually paid to under €20,000

Penalty interest may be added at point of payment for late payments over 30 days (or whatever is agreed with the supplier which will increase the payment. In addition, if the penalty interest amount calculated goes over €125, it is then subject to DIRT

Although a Purchase Order may have been raised, it is possible that no payment has been made yet. Where this is the case, ‘N’ would appear in the Paid column

The report includes payments for goods or services. It does not include grant-in-aid, reimbursements, etc.

Some Purchase Orders may be excluded if their Publication would be precluded under Freedom of Information legislation.

Purchase Orders over €20,000 







Financial Statements and Annual Reports

Financial Statements are made available in the Annual Reports of the FSAI

Board Member remuneration

Board Member remuneration for non-Executive Directors is published annually in the FSAI’s Financial Statements. These are available in the Annual Reports of the FSAI

Funding/sponsorship of non-Public Bodies

This does not apply to the FSAI.

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