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Food Alerts

Recall of a Batch of Frozen Jona Red Tilapia Fish due to the Presence of Malachite Green and Leucomalachite Green

Thursday, 05 May 2022

Alert Summary
Category 1: For Action
Alert Notification: 2022.27
Product Identification: Jona Red Tilapia Fish (frozen)
Batch Code Lot No.: VN/472/IV/169; best before date: 17/09/2023
Country Of Origin: Vietnam


The above batch of frozen Jona Red Tilapia Fish is being recalled due to the presence of the unauthorised substances malachite green and leucomalachite green. Point-of-sale recall notices will be displayed in stores supplied with the implicated batch.

Nature Of Danger:

Malachite green is an unauthorised veterinary medicine which is not permitted in foods in the EU. This substance can be broken down to form leucomalachite green. Malachite green was previously used in some countries to treat parasites and fungal and bacterial infections. Although in breach of the Reference Point for Action, the fish in question does not pose an acute risk to health, but there may be an increased risk if there is continued consumption over a long period.

Action Required:

Manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, caterers & retailers:

Retailers are requested to remove the implicated batch from sale and to display a point-of-sale recall notice in stores where the affected batch was sold. 

Wholesalers/distributors are requested to contact their affected customers and recall the affected batch and provide a point-of-sale recall notice for their retailer customers. 

Caterers should not use the implicated batch.


Consumers are advised not to eat the implicated batch.

Frozen Jona Red Tilapia Fish