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Food Alerts

Recall of specific batches of The Growers Harvest Garden Peas due to possible foreign body contamination

Saturday, 25 November 2023

Alert Summary
Category 1: For Action
Alert Notification: 2023.32
Product Identification: Please see table below. 
Batch Code Please see table below.
Country Of Origin: United Kingdom


Tesco are recalling the below batches of The Growers Harvest Garden Peas (frozen) due to the possible contamination of an unknown type of berry, which may pose a risk to customers if consumed.

Recall notices will be displayed at point-of-sale. 

Best Before Batch Code Pack Size
Jan-25 23196, 23197, 23198, 23199, 23200 900g
Feb-25 23237, 23238, 23239, 23240 900g
Mar-25 23256, 23257, 23258, 23259, 23260, 23261 900g
Apr-25 23275, 23276, 23277 900g


Action Required:

Manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, caterers & retailers:

Retailers are requested to remove the implicated batches from sale and display recall notices at point-of-sale. 


Consumers are advised not to eat the implicated batches.

900g packet of Growers Harvest Garden frozen Peas