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Food Reformulation Task Force Publishes Three New Reports

Thursday, 14 July 2022

Over four years (2021-2025), the Department of Health aims to reduce calories, saturated fat, sugar and salt in the Irish diet. Food companies are being asked to use less of these target nutrients in many everyday foods. The voluntary goals finalised in December 2021 are intended to help people improve their diet and their overall health.

To assist with this undertaking, the Department of Health established the Food Reformulation Task Force which is a strategic partnership between the Food Safety Authority of Ireland and Healthy Ireland at the Department of Health. The purpose of the Task Force is to implement the Roadmap for Food Product Reformulation in Ireland (this opens in a new tab). It will help drive progress towards the targets to reduce calories, saturated fat, salt and sugar in everyday processed foods and drinks by working with industry and stakeholders.

The Food Reformulation Task Force has published the following new reports:

For more information, see our food reformulation webpage.