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Guidance Note 13 Use of Enforcement Powers under the FSAI Act 1998

Wednesday, 16 April 2003

The aim is to ensure that the enforcement powers are used consistently across all the official agencies in a manner that is fully compliant with the legal requirements under the Food Safety Authority of Ireland Act.

The powers are available to all officers of the official agencies and the FSAI authorised under the Act. This document describes the provisions of the Act that relate to enforcement, and the procedures  that  must  be  followed  when  the  provisions  are  used. It  does  not  specify  the particular circumstances that warrant a serving of the specific enforcement notice for example, which circumstances require an Improvement Notice and which require a Closure Order – such decisions  remain  a  matter  for  the  professional  judgement  of  the  authorised  officer  in consultation with a designated officer.

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