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Selling or Advertising Food Online

Thursday, 20 July 2017

If you sell food online, you must comply with the relevant food law.

If you sell or advertise food online, you are responsible for the food information you provide to the consumer.

This leaflet lists the mandatory information you must provide to the consumer when selling food online. It covers the types of claims you can – and can’t – make about food. It also highlights other legal requirements such as: registering your food business; notifying food supplements; food safety management; traceability and product recall. Although this leaflet focuses on the rules for selling food online, the rules also apply to food sold or advertised by any other means of distance communication.

The main purpose of food law is to ensure that food available for consumers to buy is safe. It also requires food businesses to provide consumers with the necessary information about food, so that they can make an informed choice at the time of purchase.

This item is shipped only to addresses in the Republic of Ireland.

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