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The Safety of Vitamins and Minerals in Food Supplements

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Establishing Tolerable Upper Intake Levels and a Risk Assessment Approach for Products Marketed in Ireland

Vitamins and minerals are required in small amounts for normal growth, development and on-going wellbeing.

Vitamins and minerals are found naturally in diet; however, food supplements may be used to augment dietary intakes of vitamins and minerals and are specifically recommended at particular life stages, e.g. folic acid for women of childbearing age, and vitamin D in infancy.

Excess of some vitamins and minerals may have detrimental health effects; hence, EU legislation provides for, among others, the setting of maximum safe levels of vitamins and minerals in food supplements by the European Commission. However, these are yet to be established.

The report recommends a standard risk assessment approach for evaluating the safety of vitamins and minerals in food supplements in Ireland.

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