Safe Catering Pack

The cost of the Safe Catering Pack is €100. This includes postage. 
The pack is shipped only to addresses in the Republic of Ireland. 

Note: Delivery may take 5-7 working days.

Individual recording forms can be downloaded free of charge or can be photocopied from the recording forms in Section 6 of the pack.
Please contact our advice line at if you wish to pay by bank transfer.

What is the Safe Catering Pack?

The Safe Catering Pack is designed for caterers as a practical, easy to use, food safety management system.

Using the pack will help you to:

  • produce safe food
  • comply with food hygiene law
  • train staff
  • protect your business' reputation

Who is the pack for?

The pack was designed for caterers but it may also be used by other food businesses. It is ideal for businesses that have not yet developed their own food safety management system, but may also be used by businesses to improve existing systems.

What does the pack contain?

The pack contains a Safe Catering Plan that you complete for your business. This will help you:

  • identify things that could go wrong at all stages of your food operation
  • put controls in place to stop it going wrong
  • know what to do if it does go wrong

It also contains:

  • Hygiene Requirements that must be met
  • a Declaration of Completion and Review that must be filled in and signed to show that you are meeting your legal requirement to have a food safety management system in place
  • Recording Forms and checklists to help you to record your checks, training and allergen management

2020 updates to the pack

If you have the older version you can download the new sections below to add into your pack.

Two new sections

  • Allergens - how to declare and manage allergens
  • Acrylamide - how to control acrylamide levels. Acrylamide is a chemical that naturally forms in baked or fried starchy foods e.g. chips and bread

Download the Allergen Section

Download the Acrylamide Section

Download Section 3 Page 1 (Premises Details) to see how the new sections fit into the pack

 Example of an 'Other Step'

The Other Step section is used where a step in a food business is not covered by the steps set out in the pack. An example of a step that is not covered is making sushi.

Download the Other Step example

Other changes to the pack

Some small but significant changes were made to other sections.

Check the other changes that were made to the pack  


Last reviewed: 3/11/2022

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