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Report a Food Incident

This notification form is only for people who work in the food industry or in an official agency.

Food incident notifications are monitored between 9am and 5pm Monday - Friday (excl. bank holidays and public holidays). To report a food incident outside of normal working hours, please phone +353 (0)1 685 6555.
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entering multiple emails, please separate with a ;

Section 1: Details of Hazard

Section 2: Details of Food

Note: If possible, please email a picture or copy of the product label to

Section 3: Details of Traceability

Section 4: Details of Testing

Note: Please email a copy of the laboratory report to

Section 5: Details of Action Taken

Details of any investigation:

Note: Please email a copy of the notice(s) to

Section 6: Details of Other Information

Note: When you submit this form it is sent to The FSAI Food Incidents team will acknowledge receipt. If no acknowledgment is forthcoming please telephone FSAI on 01 8171300 or out of hours, in an emergency, please telephone 01 685 6555.