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Click and eat - what’s cooking in online food delivery?

November 17th, 2022

Location: Webinar

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The Food Safety Consultative Council (FSCC) of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) acts as a forum for debate on food safety issues and provides advice to the FSAI Board on areas of relevance. With a membership from the wider interests in food safety, it allows consumers, food industry, food inspectorate and academia representatives to provide valuable input into the aims and agenda of the FSAI.

Through its regular meetings, the FSCC examines issues relevant to all parts of the food chain, from farm gate to fork, and reviews food safety initiatives proposed or already in place aimed at protecting consumers and ensuring their health and interests are foremost.

Consumers are leading increasingly busy lives and in the past number of years, there has been rapid development in the availability of different food delivery options available. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this trend with food businesses offering new ways that consumers can purchase and order food.The traditional model of consumers having to go to a restaurant, shop, café or supermarket has changed and many outlets now offer a delivery option and some food businesses are operating online only. Food businesses are using social media, websites, online marketplaces, and apps to meet consumer demands.

The journey of food to the consumer has changed with technology having a big impact on how food is ordered and delivered and the food choices available. With this evolution in food production, preparation and delivery, often comes more complexity compared to a traditional delivery model. There can be several different operators involved and unless with a traditional premises consumers may not be able to see the physical place where the food they are buying is produced, prepared or sold from. Consumers need to be able to trust that food hygiene and food safety legislation are being adhered to. If less experienced operators are involved, the food safety risks have the potential to increase. Everyone must play their part to ensure that food is safe and trustworthy for consumers, wherever it is purchased from.

The regulators want to support these operators and innovators in the supply of safe food, but it can be challenging for legislation and regulatory models to keep pace with this rapidly innovating industry sector.

It is expected that this sector will continue to shift and evolve as it matches the ongoing consumer need for convenience, choice and home delivery. The event will provide an opportunity for consumers, industry and regulators to understand and learn about trends and developments in on-line sales, supply and distribution of food, to understand the different food safety considerations buying on-line compared to more traditional models and how the industry and regulators are responding to this.  

Speakers from the FSAI will give an overview of online sales of food from the consumers’ and regulator’s perspectives. The event will also hear from some of the companies who are supplying food online and innovating in food delivery.

These topics and more will be expanded on during the panel debate which will be chaired by Suzanne Campbell, author and journalist.

All are welcome. This Food Safety Consultative Council Open Meeting is FREE to attend.

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