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Allergen Information for Non-prepacked Food

Thursday, 16 July 2015

EU law stipulates that 14 specific food allergens must be declared. in producing or preparing a food (including beverages)

Food sold in loose form or packed on the premises at the request of the consumer or packed for direct sale or supply to the final consumer or mass caterer, is considered non-prepacked food.

Declaring the use of food allergens in prepacked food is facilitated by labels that generally include a list of ingredients.

However, it can be more complex for non-prepacked foods such as meals provided in restaurants or takeaways and foods sold in food stalls or delivered to the home. In Ireland, national legislation stipulates that food allergen information for non-prepacked food must, as a minimum, be provided in written format, but can also be provided verbally at any time. In certain circumstances, written food allergen information may need to be supplemented by verbal information.

This information leaflet explains the legal requirements and suggests possible ways that food businesses can comply with the national legislation.

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