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FSAI Science Strategy 2020-2024

Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Thee role, influence and direction of science in the Food Safety Authority of Ireland.

The FSAI Science Strategy  2020 – 2024 encompasses FSAI scientific work in the areas of risk assessment, risk management, communication and regulation. It includes a wide range of scientific disciplines such as microbiology, chemical safety, food science and technology, veterinary science, environmental health and public health nutrition. It also supports the FSAIs enforcement policy, audit and investigation functions.

It is underpinned by the FSAI’s Corporate Strategy. Its missions is:

“To build on our scientific and technical expertise to support and strengthen consumer protection.”

The science strategy is designed to underpin the regulatory activities of the FSAI and articulate the scientific and technical expertise necessary to promote compliance by the food industry, enhance the enforcement activities of risk managers and Official Agencies and address the concerns of consumers with respect to food safety.


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