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Guidance Note 15 Cook-chill Systems in the Food Service Sector

Friday, 20 April 2018

A cook-chill food is a food product produced using a cook-chill system with a shelf life not greater than five days.

A cook-chill system should not commence operation until the Health Service Executive (HSE) is satisfied that the necessary structural and operational facilities are in place.

This guidance note applies to those food businesses producing cook-chill food for service and consumption in either a private or public capacity in hospitals, institutions and catering establishments.

A cook-chill system must include the steps of cooking to a core temperature of 75 °C instantaneously (or equivalent time/temperature combination), followed by rapid chilling to ≤3 °C in not greater than 150 minutes, storage at ≤3 °C and regeneration to ≥70 °C prior to service and consumption.