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Recommendations for a National Food and Nutrition Policy for Older People (2000)

Wednesday, 15 March 2000

The nutritional needs of individuals change with lifestyle and over time.

This  report  on  "Recommendations  for  a  national  food  and  nutrition  policy  for  older  people"  provides information on the status of nutrition in our older population and on the common risk factors affecting this status. It relates nutrition to diseases and conditions experienced in the older population and outlines the benefits of adequate diet. In order to be of practical use to health professionals and those caring for older people, the report sets out  nutritional  requirements  and  dietary  guidelines  as  well  as  highlighting  barriers  that  impede  proper eating patterns. A  number  of  recommendations  aimed  at  improving  the  nutritional  status  of  our  older  population  are made

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