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Student Placement Programme

Each year the FSAI is proud to offer a Student Placement Programme. The programme is designed for third-level students who are eager to gain hands-on experience in a dynamic and impactful environment.

Opportunities and duration

Placements are available throughout the year with durations ranging from three months to one year providing flexibility to accommodate various academic schedules and commitments.

What you will gain 

By participating in the programme students will:

  • obtain an in-depth understanding of food safety regulations and their practical applications;
  • work alongside a team of seasoned specialists gaining invaluable insights and professional mentorship;
  • develop critical skills and knowledge that will enhance their academic studies and future career prospects.

Why choose us

Our placement programme offers a unique opportunity to engage with real world challenges and contribute to meaningful projects within the field of food safety. Join us to advance your education and career while making a significant impact.

Opportunities are available in the following areas:   

  • CEO's Office
  • Corporate Affairs
  • Enforcement Policy
  • Audit, Incidents & Investigations
  • Regulatory Affairs & Compliance Building 
  • Food Science & Standards