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Make a Complaint

There are a number of types of complaints that you can make to us.  

If you are a consumer and have experienced unfit food or poor hygiene standards when buying food or eating out, please fill in the complaint form below and we will refer it for follow-up. 

If you are an employee you may have observed wrong doing in the food business where you work. You can report this by making a “protected disclosure” (also known as whistleblowing). See more information on protected disclosures.

Fields marked with * are mandatory.

Food Business Details (where you bought the food or saw the issue):

Your Own Details:

(Please type your number without spaces, e.g., 0871234567)

Continual Improvement: Following completion of the make-a-complaint form, your contact details will be recorded in our customer response database, and we may contact you in the future to get your feedback as part of our continual evaluation of our advice line service. See our Customer Charter.

See more information on making a complaint about a food business, an inspector or the FSAI.