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Food Alerts

Recall of a Batch of Sultan Premium Quality Green Sultana Due to Undeclared Sulphur Dioxide

Friday, 14 August 2020

Alert Summary
Category 1: For Action
Alert Notification: 2020.48
Product Identification: Sultan Premium Quality Green Sultana; pack size: 1kg; best before date: 05/2022
Batch Code KI/GRS/1119/54
Country Of Origin: India

Category 1 Food Alert for Action: A batch of Sultan Premium Quality Green Sultana is being recalled due to undeclared sulphur dioxide.


Further to the FSAI food allergen alert 2020.A26, the above batch of Sultan Premium Quality Green Sultana is subject to recall, as sulphur dioxide was detected in this batch but was not declared on the list of ingredients.  This may make the implicated batch unsafe for consumers who are allergic to or intolerant of sulphur dioxide or its constituents.  Point-of-sale recall notices should be displayed in stores supplied with the affected batch.

Action Required:


EHOs are requested to notify the FSAI at, if the affected batch is found in food businesses during routine inspections.

Manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, caterers & retailers:

Retailers are requested to remove the implicated batch from sale and to display a point-of-sale recall notice in shops where it was sold.  Wholesalers/distributors are requested to contact their affected customers and recall the implicated batch and provide a point-of-sale recall notice to their retailer customers.